TechInstead helps with a variety of IT services.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services lead companies to complete technology solutions. Filo Services help businesses understand critical areas and challenges that should be addressed. We’ll show your business how to better leverage technology to maximize your business potential.

Social Media Marketing

Whether you already have social media in place, or you need to get started in this area, let us help. Our team of experts can help give you a consistent brand across all platforms, grow your audience base and reach more people than ever before.

Structuring Cable

Moving into a new building or if you’ve been at the same place for a while Filo services will pre wire your network for you. We can set up any cables you choose. We can organize your network cable if it’s existing or or already in place. We will get your internet up fast for you.

Internet & Wi-Fi

We can help set up your Wi-Fi and Internet quickly allowing you to connect all of your devices to your home network at ease. Improve your network agility, reduce cost, and complexity with our network services.


Cloud Services

Store anything from important personal documents to family pictures on someone else’s hardware. You’ll never lose your files with our cloud services. Never worry about having to keep up with Cd’s or USB drives to access your personal files.

Office Relocation

Are you relocating to a new office? TechInstead can help. With services ranging from moving to de-installation and reinstallation of servers, our team understands the time-sensitive value of your business' data assets.

Audio & Video

We’ll professionally set up your speakers and TV’s throughout your business. Conference rooms will be set up with your audio and video devices so you don’t have to waste time in meetings setting them up yourself.

Backup & Recovery

We offer disaster recovery support for your data and computer systems. With our services, files and systems can be recovered instantly. We have a team with experience in a wide range of IT recovery systems.

Server Virtualization

The TechInstead team can assist you in minimizing costs by increasing the use of existing resources. Simply put, a virtual version of your server is often a good solution for small to medium scale applications and it’s a cost effective.

Website Design

Need a website for your business? Let us develop it for you. We can tailor it to your business no matter whatindustry you are in.

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